Living Tax Free

  1. Fear of seizure by the I.R.S. which they routinely do with no "Due Process" This amounts to a legal Shoot first, ask questions later. There are many horror stories of innocent people being financially destroyed by these Gestapo-like techniques.
  2. An imminent expensive divorce. Plaintiff's lawyers become very reasonable when they find that the money is not there and can not be found by anyone.
  3. Potential liability from litigation which could wipe out a lifetime of work. A judgement is worthless unless one can find the assets.
  4. A desire to pass on one's estate tax free to their heirs totally avoiding expensive taxes and probate.

The ideal solution. A Dominican Corporation.

  1. Initial cost under $1,000.00 US completely "turnkey". There are no extra costs.
  2. Shares may be "bearer". Your name need not appear on any documents
  3. Any securities or cash may be held, in the corporate name, by Merrell Lynch or the broker of your choice. Once again your name appears on nothing.
  4. You can have a VISA card which is debited to the corporation. The only name on the card is corporate.
  5. Your funds can be invested with major international banks, like Scotia Bank, and currently earn about 9% on a one year CD (interest payable monthly). This is a US $ investment guaranteed by the bank.
  6. An alternative is a portion of your funds invested in the Dominican Peso at currently 19% interest. The peso has remained steady at about 16 to the US dollar for a year and the economic indicators are improving for this wonderful country.
  7. The banks report nothing to anyone. Unlike the highly promoted jurisdictions like The Bahamas, Caymen Islands, Antigua, Isle of Man, etc. The Dominican Republic is not highly computerized.
  8. Your registered agent would be Carmen Rodriguez, attorney at law, who has specialized in this area for 12 years. All communications with Ms. Rodriguez are 100% protected by attorney-client privledge.
  9. You have access to your funds at any time. You control what and where they are invested even though there is no evidence anywhere that you have the controlling interest.
  10. American Airlines and others fly directly to Puerto Plata daily from Miami, NYC, Boston and other major cities.
  11. The yearly fee for preparing the necessary documents is a modest $200.00 US.

How does one account for the disappearance of one million dollars?

  1. You made a bad investment.
  2. You lost it gambling. There are many casinos here.
  3. There are other ways which we will address should you wish to pursue this further.

For further information call 1-809-571-0803 or write to:

J.J. Brooks
Edificio Erich Hauser
Local 2
Dominican Republic.

We would welcome your visit to out lovely country. The North Coast of The Dominican Republic is a real paradise. Nearby Caberete is The Wind Surfing Capital of the World. Fine hotels go for about $60.00 US per day. A lobster/shrimp dinner costs about $12.00.