When I am Emperor.....whoops....President

The IRS  IRS agent Taxpayer is TOAST!

This is an OUTRAGE!

Wealthy, thieving, no good scoundrels, (like my campaign manager J.J.) salt away millions every year through tax shelters, offshore trusts, International Business Corporations domiciled in The Bahamas, Caymen Islands....ad nauseum, and other nefarious schemes designed to avoid paying their fair share.

Productive people (suckers like you) work until June, not for you and your family, but to support our country......in some States one works well into July!

Is it really fair for you to support those rogues who drive Mercedes and drink 20 year old Scotch while you spend almost 50% of your workings hours paying their freight?

What we need is GRIPE!

"Gramalkyn's Really Ingenious Plan Emerges"

1. Trash the IRS.....thereby saving over fifty billion dollars yearly.

2. A National Sales Tax of 12% on everything except food and medicine. That is the entire mastermind plan.

No loopholes......if you want to buy it, you pay the tax..

The Results

1. Your life will be greatly simplified.

2. Those who consume can not avoid paying their fair share. They will continue to buy their toys.

3. In addition to paying much less in taxes one will realize additional savings......the cost of preparing tax returns.

4. No more visits from some surely weasel, employing Gestapo-like techniques, determined to exert his/her awesome police powers in the examination of your tax return.

5. Never again will your bank account or property be seized solely on the suspicion that you have cheated. Sure, you can seek relief through the courts, and, perhaps get your money/property back months or years later......after you and your business has been destroyed!

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