BIORHYTHM is the behavioral science of life-energy rhythms. It is not magic, astrology, nor mysticism. There are many rhythms familiar to all of us, such as: Near the turn of the century, Dr. Hermann Swoboda of Vienna and a German physician, Dr. Wilhelm Fliess identified three new rhythm cycles. These are the physical, emotional (sensitivity), and intellectual life-energy cycles.

The physical cycle takes 23 days, the emotional (sensitivity) is 28 days long, and the intellectual, 33. Theory states that at the moment of birth, an internal biological clock starts with our first breath.

There is no bad news with biorhythms, just information. Being down in a cycle is not necessarily bad, and being up is not necessarily good. Therefore it is important to know exactly where we are daily on each of the energy curves, because our energy systems seems to cut back substantially at certain times. These times are:

  1. . CAUTION DAYS: curve crosses the "0" line. This is referred to as a Critical day.
  2. . MINI-CAUTION DAYS: days at the top of the cycles are usually potentially less difficult than the mini-caution days at the bottom of the curves.
  3. . COMBINATION DAYS: any day which is simultaneously a Caution or Mini-Caution day in ANY combination of other Caution days.
  4. . SEMI-CRITICAL DAYS: the two days immediately before and after a Critical day.

It is important to understand that any Caution or Mini-Caution or Combination day is not destined to be a difficult day. But the probability is very strong that a person will most likely have a sub-par day, in addition to being more subject to injury.

The following table expresses the three cycles:

ENERGY RELEASE (+)........CYCLE..............ENERGY RECHARGE (-)

days 2 thru 11........................Physical....................days 13 thru 23

days 2 thru 14.......................Emotional..................days 16 thru 28

days 2 thru 16......................Intellectual..................days 18 thru 33

There are 21,252 different biorhythmic days in a person's life (23x28x33). Biorhythmically each day of our lives is different until we pass the age of 58 when the cycles begin all over again.

A person born on a Monday will find that his most difficult day of the week biorhythmically has been, and always will be throughout his entire lifetime, Monday. This is because the Emotional Cycle is exactly 28 days and is the only one of the three cycles which is evenly divisible by 7 (days per week). Therefore, the day of the week you were born on is always a Caution or Mini-Caution day.

Recent research tends to indicate:

1) More sports injuries generally occur on biorhythmic Caution or Mini-Caution days. Combination days are particularly dangerous.

2) Births usually occur on or as an immediate result of the mother's biorhythmic Caution, Mini-Caution, or Combination days.

3) People are often more irritable and tend to complain more on Caution and/or Mini-Caution days.

4) That from an accident prevention standpoint, it is generally better to be (-) physically ( because overconfidence is created when we are at the top (+) of the physical curve), and not on either a Caution or Mini-Caution day.

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