Preliminary data on The Formula.


An old Indian proverb is, "To understand me, walk in my moccisins for a day."

Neither Raiza or I have ever had a weight problem.   She is a beautiful 5'6"-127 and I am am an average to mediocre 5'10"-160. One day we made an experiment.   We put on backpacks filled with books.   Raiza's weighed 30 pounds and mine 40 pounds.   After only one day of carrying the extra weight the results were astonishing.   I had no idea of how much of a burdon it would be.   Most days Raiza jogs on the beach over to Caberete, about a mile.   She couldn't make it half way.   I tried playing some hard tennis with a 13 year old kid I have beaten many times although he is catching up with me.   Jose won the first set 6-3.   It was such a struggle to get to balls which had always been easy.   I couldn't go on.  I was totally exhausted.   My legs were aching.   It scared me so I took some nitroglyceryn as I felt a bit of angina.

Now I can understand the euphoria people express when they believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The statistics after over 1,200 reports are:

2% abandoned the study or haven't received the product.
20% noticed no weight loss for the first 1-3 weeks although many claimed a loss of inches or feeling better.   For many, especially hypothyroid folks, it doesn't "kick in" for a few weeks.
64% lost some weight as well as inches.
14% made praising claims which I find hard to believe.
Of those who lost no weight, 72% were not doing the diet, only taking The Formula.

Most of the wieght/inches lost claims were modest.   They averaged 3 1/4 pounds in two weeks.   The claims of inches lost were even better.

One man wrote, "My wife has lost 25 pounds in three weeks.   For the first time in 30 years she weighs less than the refrigerator!"

Another commented, "I am out of a job. I am an expert at eating.   Do you know where they need good eaters?".

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These are unedited reports from participants.

10-21 As a vegetarian, I take only the formula and YES it does work!   I have lost 8 lbs. and as of today, 15 1/8 inches overall.   This, mind you, with taking a 5 day trip to visit relatives.   It seems we ate pasta or pizza -- sometimes 2X a day!   Good grief!   The Formula seemed to help us (both my husband and I are using it with excellent results), from NOT gaining any weight while eating that kind of diet.   He cheats like mad every day with chocolate and peanuts.   I binged on chocolate yesterday. (Whoops)!   Even with all of that , this thing really does work.   We are so grateful.   Thanks, Dr. Jon!

10-21-02   Hi Dr. Jon... I'm so relieved that you've decided to drop the MLM idea... just wasn't comfortable with it. I like your other plan much much better. Okay... I've been on the plan for 2 weeks now.   I've lost 2 1/2 pounds.... and 5/8 inches.   I'm absolutely amazed at how much in control I am.   On the 16th we had bosses day... I organized a little brunch for our bosses... and prepared an incredible dish (Stuffed French Toast)... it was decadent to be sure!   But, everyone in our dept. brought goodies and all kinds of home baked items... are you ready for this??? I didn't slap my lips around one single sweet thing!   Not one!... Nor was I even tempted!   Is that shocking or what?   I love not being worried about being temped and having to fight off the sugar hungries... Are you aware they scream at you from behind closed doors... from the other room... from down the hall... from the market???   They do ya know.   I can handle alot... but I'm a total wimp when it comes to fighting off sugar!
Anyhow... I also feel great.. much more energy... I've taken to doing the tbsp. of honey followed by the chaser of the tbsp.   ACV straight up.   I think I like it better than drinking it as a tea.   I'm doing the whey drink daily with 1 1/2 tbsps. of psyllium.   I walk at least 3 times a week... for about a half hour or less.
One thing I don't like is that my bp is on the rise... It may not be related to the food plan. I'm also dropping down on my meds cuz I found a couple of homeopathic remedies that seemed to be pretty effective. My stress level is higher at the moment... this increase in bp may not be related to the food plan at all... but I am having a little problem with it.   I came to the conclusion today that I could follow a modified version of the food plan and still have success with the swiss formula... I believe the formula makes all the difference in the world.... especially with hunger and appetite.   I would like to test it out.   At the moment I'm following the food plan carefully... but I want to drop the chewing steak thing every night... also concerned about for mad cow disease?
Anyhow... that's it for me... Thanks for making it possible for the product to remain affordable for those of us on tight budgets.   Rose
10-21   I find this hard to believe.   Until I began The Formula I ate anything which couldn't run faster than me!   After almost two months, I can look a donut square in the eye and not even blink.   My insatiable craving for carbs has vanished.   Oh yes, I have lost 19 lbs and THREE dress sizes.   I almost gave up because nothing much happened for two weeks.   Then a miracle began.   Mary Lou, ecstatic in Salisaw OK
10-21 I have continued to take 2 capsules before meals with the ACV and honey.   It has greatly reduced my cravings for sweets and carbs. When I don't take it the cravings come back.   I have lost inches because I can get into clothes that hung in my closet for the past 2 years.   I have not weighed ,   I don't have a scale, but I am so pleased that this is working.   I am 52, female and going through perimenopause and was gaining weight no matter what I did or ate.   I exercise everyday and have so much more energy.   Thanks to Dr. Jon for researching this formula and all the hard work he has done to keep the cost to us FATKATS down to a resonable price.   God Bless you all.   Jackie
10-21  My husband and I both are so grateful to you for making this formula available.   We have both lost weight and inches.   It is much easier to move around, and my is it ever great to have our clothes literally "hang" on us.   As vegetarians and using only the formula, I can tell you that it really does work without the regime.   I imagine the results are quicker for those on the diet, but we sure aren't kicking!   He has lost about 11 lbs and a belt notch.   He didn't measure initially, so doesn't know how many inches.   I have lost only 8 lbs., but 15 1/8 inches overall.   We both just completed 7 weeks on the Formula, and that included 5 days on a trip(as I noted in my report this morning), where we ate pasta & pizza, sometimes twice a day! (Geez, relatives should get together on their menus)!   We are also noticing that we are much firmer......not so flabby.   Violet
10-21   I am a 43 yr old female who has been fighting with her weight on and off for the past 13 years or so.   I have been on the formula for the last month. I am not sure if I have lost pounds but I know I have lost inches.   I had missed the part about taking the enzymes until I read other responses and went back and read the original directions.   I do think that since I added them into my regime that my results have been accelerated.   This program is very easy to follow.   I had always been a carbo queen.   Hardly a meal got made that didn't include garlic bread of some sort and pasta more often than not.   Since I started on the formula, I have been able to almost eliminate the carbs in my diet.   I do feel better.   I don't go through that mid-afternoon slump anymore.
I have been on Zoloft for a number of years.   The time I tried the Atkins diet, the depression got overwhelming.   The formula has eliminated those side effects.   Thank you. Pamela
10-21   I am having contiuned success.   The past two weeks I have had many sleepless nights as I am stuggling with an adult daughter that has relaped with Meth as her drug of choice.   She has drove her car (that I co-signed and insured) into the river.   Not that I have intentionally stopped the SF, I have just forgotten with the stress.   I did remeber taking it yesterday before each meal-three times.   Last night I slept and woke up refreshed.   I have realized today that when I remember to take the SF I am better able to cope with the day to day stresses as well as sleep better.   Of course as a side, I am losing weight.   Thanks Dr Jon.   Marcia
10-21   Hi Dr Jon, Roy here..... program was working great untill I hit a platoe ben fluctuating between 205 and 208 for a little ove3r a week.   I have upped my cla to see if that helps ( only 2 days ago) would like to up formula to 3 but am running out so I figure better 1 per meal than run out and have none.   Tried on line order today hope it went through. (waiting for confermation email.)   Fro now atleast I am enjoying wearing clothes that I have not been able to wear for many many months.   kiip up the good work.. Roy
10-21   I have gotten rid of 4" where I measured, but I have gotten smaller all over.Also gotten rid of 4 lbs.   I know the formula and asv/honey work. Thanks for you help Dr. Jon, Rhea
Hi FatKats :)) I measure 4 areas ... Hips, waist, bust and stomach .... then I add them all together and compare weekly measurements ....

When I started on Sept 1, the total was 186" ... last Sunday when I measured to total was 176" .. so to *me* that is a 10" overall loss ... and I am thrilled.....

I started at 212 lbs, and this morning I weighed 205 lbs... that's an overall loss of 7 lbs in 3 weeks ..... I expect to lose 10 lbs a month ... if this rate keeps up, I will have lost 60 lbs by end of February [6 months]

I feel great, have lots of energy and have dropped all my medications, except an aspirin a day and the oxybutynin [for spastic bladder] ....I *was* taking 15 Rx pills a day before I started ....

I had started with 1 Swiss Formula pill, with ACV & honey, 2 x a day .... Recently, I have been doing 2 pills plus an extra CLA [1000 mg] before going to bed .... I only eat 2 meals a day .... and follow the diet as best I can..... Cheers, Olga

Thank you to the person who suggested mixing the ACV and honey and keeping it in the refrig and adding to cold water.   Am doing that now and it's very refreshing.   When I was mixing it with hot tea, it was making me nauseous.

Thank you to all who have contributed info on the benefits of ACV and honey.   I'm having my hubby and teenage daughter start taking it now and can give them good reasons why.

Thank you to the person who shared about the B1 and bug bites.   We own an organic citrus grove and mosquitos are a big problem.   Have my pets vaccinated for West Nile Virus, Equine Encephilitis, and heartworm (pills), but haven't known of anything to help us.

Have cut WAY back on simple carbs and am noticing a BIG difference in energy.   Have, also, noticed a HUGE difference in my appetite.   Other programs have always made me rely on my willpower, (stop eating while still hungry).   This program, I get full and just quit eating, like thin people do!   Just had my first free day and couldn't believe how little I wanted to eat!   Hooray to Dr. Jon!


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I know that this 5 pound loss is water weight, but I am thrilled.   It's easier to stay motivated and make the right decisions when you see such quick results.   The last several times I have begun dieting, I have not seen this dramatic a loss.   I am hopeful that this is really the miracle we've been looking for! Sally
The hardest thing is paying attention to what I am eating.   I am a nerd.   I live on my computer.   If I am not wrting code, I'm attempting to create something.   My head will not leave my work until it's finsihed, then off it goes onto the next project.   I gained the weight when I lost my teeth (calcium reabsorbtion started due to injury 20 years ago) Depression, bad eating habbits, and now not chewing probably was the reason.   This diet is great.   I am full of energy, my mood is elevated, and the weight is comming off.   I have a problem parting myself from my computer when I eat.   I can take me away from my computer, but I can't take the computer out of my head :}    gayle
I do not like the diet, hate the apple cider vinegar and find that chewing then discarding the steak repulsive.  However, my profile in the mirror is far more repulsive.   I've tried, and failed, many, many times on other diets.   All required will power which I do not have.   After I take the $%^& vinegar and honey and the Swiss formula, an hour later I don't seem to be very hungry.   For the first time in my life I can look at a piece of cheesecake without salivating.   So far, this has been a miracle for me.
I have had energy so no change there but more important I can bend over and pick up items on the floor that before were a struggle. My goal is to get down to my marriage weight of 150. The biggest progress is that the edema in my legs (tree trunks) is down by more than 50%. Dr. said there was possibly 10 # per leg of water. This is a medical breakthrough, I believe, because nothing else worked, esp diuretics. I can walk up a mild hill now without getting winded. Larry
I started taking the supplements on Tuesday (3 days ago) and I was very good - eating high protein/low carb on Tuesday and Thursday, but pretty much was a disaster on Wednesday . . . well not a total disaster, but by Wednesday night I was completely fried and stressed and I literally ate myself sick. I had three of the small Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, half a peanut butter sandwich, peanuts . . . you get the idea. I literally was sick when I went to bed. Got up Thursday, DID NOT weigh myself, but resolved to do better . . . and did. The only carbs I had yesterday were one of those small containers of peach mango applesauce. Otherwise, I was meat and cheese all day.

I got up and got on the scale this morning with some trepidation, thinking of how I'd blown it on Wednesday. The scale said 150-1/2. I gasped, got off, checked that the needle was on zero, and got back on again. The scale was a solid 150. I've lost 4 pounds in three days! And NOT been perfect on the regimen. I have been between 153 and 155 for six months. One day in all that time I got down to 152, but I never knew why that happened and it bounced back up to 154 the next day. Loved ones, this is a freaking MIRACLE.

Tamara L. Kawashima
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My husband and I started on the program Sept 1st.   At that time my size 28 clothes were very tight and I was starting to try on size 30 clothes but just could not bring myself to buy them!   Now my size 28's are hanging on me (yes, literally HANGING!)   We've gone through a few days of low energy, but at that time we were including the whey shake as a meal, so we were only getting two meals a day.   We've since adjusted this and found we have more energy and lots more endurance.   My husband has said he doesn't notice any difference in the way his clothes fit, but he's a bit of a doubting Thomas.   I have noticed his belly has reduced quite a bit.   And, low and behold, he was brushing his teeth last night before bed and exclaimed, "you know, my face and neck are not as fleshy!" (Duh, I had been trying to tell him that!)   My main concern with this has been blood pressure and gall bladder.   I've never read any others concerned about this.   I've had slightly elevated blood pressure, but certainly not over the normal range.   I've read previously, if weight is reduced quickly many times gall bladder problems arise, and even worse are removed!!!   Any comments on this? Also, on other diets, I've always lost muscle, this time I'm losing it in all the right places.   Upper arms, belly, butt and thighs.   I am just so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY (did I mention I am HAPPY?)!!!!!   After many years of starvation dieting, my metabolism was so low I would have to exercise about an hour and a half each night to get any results.   To make it worse these low fat diets would send my energy level way down so working out every night was just sheer torture and, needless to say, were short-lived.

We don't know how many pounds we've actually lost.   I threw out our scales a long time ago, couldn't stand the frustration.   But the results are obvious in the way my clothes fit; another week and I'll have to discard my present clothes for a size smaller.   HOW GREAT IS THAT?!!!   We are so thankful for this plan.   Words cannot express the feeling of looking in the mirror and being pleased with your reflection.   Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Jon!!!

Once I got the hang of the routine, it was all so easy to follow. I'm even getting to enjoy the ACV which I drink in ice water. I follow by licking the honey off of the spoon. I'm developing a real taste for the honey, which I loved as a kid. Love my eggs and bacon for breakfast and a big yummy shake for lunch (I'm the bad girl who uses the shake with sucralose). Maybe I'll have a slice or two of salami, a piece cheese and a couple of olives mid afternoon. Dinner is a steak (chewed only), a huge salad with yummy, fabulous (not fat free) salad dressing of my choice. I could swoon! I have a snack in the evening, maybe a low carb bar or veggies and dip. I snack on pecans, walnuts and pecans all day long. I can't believe that I'm losing weight on this plan.

I have spent the last 3 years exercising, walking and eating low fat to no avail. I ballooned up 55 lbs after hitting menopause and quitting smoking and have not been able to budge that scale. Three pounds may not be a big number compared to some others, but that number is in the right direction for the first time in well over two years. Hallelujah! And I haven't eaten a low-fat thing all week....can't remember the last time THAT happened. This way of eating is SO satisfying. I also do the walking a little differently. I walk for an hour 3 days a week around a local lake and the other days I get in 0-2 of the 15 minute walks.

I'm not taking the need, but I will take it if things slow down in that department. I did take my free day today and it really wasn't as exciting as I thought that it would be. But I have to say that I like knowing that one day of the week I can indulge in something if I want to. Funny thing is that I haven't had a craving for anything carby all week. I'm a happy camper. I have never felt less deprived on a "diet"....I use that word advisedly as this sure doesn't seem like a diet to me. A diet means deprivation and restriction, which always brings on smoking cravings....probably that oral thing working. Haven't had a craving all week as I am totally satisfied eating this way. It feels so good to be eating regular food, not that low fat garbage. I can't believe that I ate that tasteless food for the last 8 years. I'm curious to see what happens next week. I'll check in then. Oh, about the clothes fitting looser, well, I just wear baggy overalls, so it's a little hard to tell. I'll have to get back to you on that one.   Pat in Seattle

The main thing that I have noticed is that it is easy to keep to this diet. I'm not as hungry as I usually am on other diets and therefore, I find it relatively easy to stick to. As for the 4 lbs. that have come off, I am eating less and exercising more, but the weight seems to be coming off faster than other times that I have dieted. (and believe me, I've tried OFTEN.)

I also take one CLA prior to eating. This is fabulous! My clothes are hanging on me! First week no energy and elevated BP. Now I have all the energy I need, BP is still elevated but in normal range. Husband is on program with me and is now seeing results. We are in this for the duration and loving it!!! Thank you is not sufficient. Bless you, Dr Jon!!!

I feel much better than before. The free day set me back on weight loss. I gained 4 lbs after 1 free day. 1 bowl of cerial and 3 brownies extra made up my free day. I don't plan to take another. I have not consistantly exercised faithfully. I have less cravings now. I can live with this OK. Thanks for caring about us fat people. Robert

I gained five the first two weeks, then have dropped 13 for a net loss of 8 pounds. I am, however, a jean size and a half smaller. I have only lost 1 pound this last two weeks. I will try increasing the formula to 4 capsules (as I see that is an option up above) for a week and see if this kicks in better. Gayle
The pounds are far less important than the fact that I have lost 6 inches! hips, waist & bust! My face is thinner, my arms are thinner, people are asking me why I look so good! The best part is that I have slept better than ever before. I wake less frequently and am more rested and not at all achy when I wake up. I have never been much of an eater, and I am still not -- I have a 1 oz string cheese at 11, my whey shake as a lunch at 1:30 and a small dinner at about 7pm. This is they way I have always eaten before except making sure to avoid the do not eat foods at dinner. I am doing the same exercise as I have for 2 years (1 hour a day) and suddenly everything seems to be working! God bless you, Dr. Jon! This is like a miracle! Alex
To date, I have only chewed steak on 4 days, but I supplement with CLA. I am using 2 "SF" caps for my dose. (Probably should increase but fear running out!)

The *BEST* part of being on the Swiss Formula Method" is my Blood Pressure has come down remarkably! (I think it is due to the ACV.) It had been in the HIGH range and is now repeatedly in normal range! 132/80 today! (I had been on BP med & took myself off last year, much to the doc's chagrin.) I feel much more energetic, too! Exercising & walking at least 25 minutes per day. I miss my carbs, but am determined to lose!
Thanks & Blessings, Future "SkinnyKat"
PS Have more "SF" made up, please!

I have lost quite a bit of size. My clothes are getting very baggy, and clothes that I had outgrown now fit. I have absolutely NO appetite and can eat less than half of the portion-size that I was eating before I began the regimen. I am so thankful to be a part of this exciting venture. Thank you so much
My GAWD, I have toes. I haven't seen them in years. Been on the diet for 2 weeks. Only lost 4 pounds but my waist is 4 inches SMALLER. The first week I didn't feel so good at all and gained 2 pounds. I almost gave up. Then, I awoke on the 7th day and felt great. It has been downhill since then.

Previously I was Tums best customer. Haven't popped one in a week. For many years I have failed, even tho I have spent a fortune on other products. This time I believe there is hope.

I pray that Dr. Jon will continue production of the pills.

I am a diabetic on Glucophage 1000 mg Bid Diabeta 5 mg. Bid ......My last HgA1C was 7.0 These are the only medications I am taking. I am following the program about 75% Have cut out refined carbs. Taking the protein shake, psyllium, the acv and honey, the steak, the formula, sam's formula and some other vitamins/herbs

Though not always taking the acv/honey as much as the program says or as often..... I can follow the program well when at home, but on days I work (I only work 2-3 days week) or am away from the house all day it is more difficult..... I am also trying to drink at least 8 glasses of water day.

I lost 5 lbs. very quickly, have put 2 lbs. back on.......

I had hoped to have more energy, but feel achy so might be fighting off a virus right now...

Have noticed my clothes have gotten looser.

I purchased 3 mos. worth of formula and plan on staying with it at least that long..

Thank you for this wonderfuly opportunity.......Beverly

I started with 1 capsule 2X day. I increased it to 2 capsules when I didn't see any change. Since taking 2 capsules 2X day I've lost 4 pounds. Amazing! Marta
am disappointed that I haven't lost any weight but I am glad to read the glowing reports of those for whom this regime works.The only benefit thus far for me that I note is that I seem to be sleeply more soundly, and that is a good thing. I will continue on with the program for six more weeks to see if results do occur. Thanks. Carol
Okay Dr. Jon, Here is my experience so far. I have only been on the Formula for a week. I am only 15 pounds from perfect. I have never had a weight problem until I reached my 40's. I'm 55 now. I basically am on a diet of some sort all the time, because if I eat just what I want I'd be alot more overweight.

I have tried about every diet out there. What has worked best for me is either Weight Watchers, or Dr. Atkins diet. I pretty much go between these two. Weight loss is usually very slow for me. I go on a diet and struggle for 3 months to get these 15 pounds off, then I start adding food, and back up I go to 15 pound mark which signals me to diet again. Clothes start feeling too tight etc.

On the other diets, I would lose about 2 pounds the first week, and then 1/2 to 1 pound the rest of the weeks. This is DIFFERENT!!!! I am NOT taking the apple cider and honey thing, not taking psyllium, and I am eating steak and other beef products and swallowing them. Other than that, I am on pretty much the Dr. Atkins diet plan, or the Swiss Diet, real close, taking Sam's multi-vitamin, Sam's formula, Liquid Calcium, The Formula, and a couple fiber pills daily.

My energy level is high, mood high, sleeping great. Here's the test for me!! I started noticing my clothes getting loose after just 3 days, when I got on the scale, I had lost a pound everyday. I do exercise, (walking everyday) I eat fast though, I'm trying to chew more, and slow down my eating. I drink TONS of water though, but the Formula has greatly increased the weight loss from what normally happens to me. I am eating about 4 meals a day. Staying very low Carb. Enjoying ALL the food!! (eating lots!)

So by my first week I can already tell a huge difference from diets without the formula. I'll keep reporting and let you know how fast these 15 pounds come off. I'm totally pumped!!!! I know probably the weight loss will slow down after this first week, but this is really a change from the norm for me. If this keeps up, you HAVE TO keep making the Formula. All my 10 or 15 pounds from perfect friends will stock pile this, me too!! Thanks, Mary L.

I started the diet late. I think I must have been one of the last people to receive my shipment of the Formula.

I have been on the diet for 12 days now and have lost some weight but I'm not sure how much. I had a sudden weight gain right before I started the diet. I started taking Evening Primrose oil ( with CDL) about 1 or 2 weeks before the diet and am still taking it about 1/2 to 3/4 of the time along with the formula.

I weigh approx. 8 lbs less than I did (from the time I gained suddenly) but might have already lost about 5 from just the Evening Primrose oil. So that would put weight loss from the Formula to about 3 lbs.

I need to lose almost 1/3 of my body weight so I have a long way to go.

I've had a big reduction in joint aches, I guess from the ACV&H. I was very tired the first week, then had a day where I felt great, then crashed the next day. After that sort of normal feeling energy- wise. I know I have more spring in my step and walk faster than I was.

I'm exercising about 3 or 4 days a week, in the pool, but have been doing that all summer anyway.

I have been getting a little dizzy, just very briefly. Would the ACV&H do that, I wonder? I know it helps the hunger and cravings.

I'm following the diet except for spitting out the steak. Just can't get myself to do that. :)

I know I feel thinner and am starting to think differently about myself. I'm not a fat lady anymore. I'm someone who is becoming slender.

So that is my report. Thanks for making all this stuff available to us. Diann

Have gone down one full pants are baggy and so is the bra...people are beginning to comment and wanting to know the secret....pain in hip is barely there.....have not begun to walk because of the hip and knee but getting ready to start....was on my feet all day today decorating for a church meeting...whooopeee, it looked good and I came out okay with hip and knees.....thanks for giving us this opportunity.......have had no luck with other regimens......Granny Eloise--looking and feeling younger every day.... Eliose
I have lost about 14 lbs - but that varies. I have had to buy a new size of clothing - I started out wearing a tight 18 and now I am in a 16, but the 16 is loose and I feel within another week - I'll be another size smaller. I'm sticking with this diet and the supplements - my goal is to be 145. Who knows I may even go to my high school weight of 135! Thanks Martha
Lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks....This is and GREAT!TOOK 3 FOURTEEN year olds TO THE STATE FAIR (I'M 71 years young) and pushed one of them in a wheelchair! They slept in the car on the way home and I had SOOOOO MUCH ENERGY LEFT thAT I didnt go to bed until midnight! THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR US DR JON AND THE KAT BRIGRADE...LOVE TO YOU ALL! RAISA TOO! Virginia
I am a Registered Nurse. My husband and I are both Viet Nam Veterans. Significant factors from that War affect us to this day, and will until we die. My Carl was just diagnosed with Agent Orange -related Diabetes ll. He has followed a " balanced" 2000 calorie a day diet for a year, and gained weight. He is 6 feet tall and well over 200 lbs. He continued to gain weight to the point of morbid obesity. I ordered " The Formula" for him. He believes what I say, and began taking it 2 weeks ago. He has NOT done the vinegar and honey, as a Diabetic should never take 1 TBS of sugar at one time. He has cut down on Carbs as outlined in " the balanced diabetic meal", and began taking The formula. All he has done is to take the Formula and cut down on carbs---much against Dr's wishes. He has lost 10 lbs in two weeks. His blood sugar readings are EXCELLENT, as is his blood pressure which was elevated for years.

I might add that he was just diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease, secondary to Agent Orange induced Diabetes. So I ordered your Co Q 10 to go with HEART PLUS that he has been taking for months. The salmon oil Omega-3 helps as well.

Jon--I want to keep him healthy--and ALIVE ! He is the love of my life !   Thanks to you--I think I can do so.   KEEP The Formula coming !! We all know that proper weight maintenance is essential to our health. Carl has a ways to go on weight loss--but your Formula has given him HOPE. Keep up the fantastic work !


I am SO HAPPY. I started this at 212 and I am down to 206 this am. I have only gained weight in the last six years. This is the first time I have lost any weight. I still do not have the program down as it is meant to be but I am working on it. I thank Dr. Jon for being a caring person and for all of you who share with us your successes. Shelley
I've been somewhat lax about following the full program, in terms of both supplements and diet. Despite this, I have been steadily losing weight (as measured by the fit of my pants-- I don't weigh myself). Best of all, even though I'm hypersensitive to stimulants, there have been no jitters. I intend to add an extra CLA per meal, and see if that accelerates progress. Dan
I have been on the program for two weeks now. I am 40lb. overweight,have fibromyalgia and thyroid problems. Always been so hard to diet even with Dr. Atkins, the gym or other programs.--- The swiss diet and Formula are very easy to do compared to other things I have tried. I have lost about 8lbs.,4ins. in waist and hips. As long as I follow the diet exatly,take extra CLA, it seems to be working for me. I do not get hungry until I take the free day, so for me, I will not take to many untill I lose more, but I can see that it does work. Thanks Dr. Jon for caring for all us overweight people. I will order more Formula. KAT
I am 64 years young going on 18. My goal is my playing weight in college (1956) of 195 lbs.

I wear a knapsack one day a week with the weight in beans of what I had to lose in the beginning, 37 pounds.

In the first 8 weeks eating fat, protein, and lots of raw fruits and veggies, I lost 20 lbs (132 to 122 lbs) and l inch around my waist (42 to 41 inches).

Started on the FORMULA with the above diet and lost 3 lbs the first two days. No change in waist measurement.   In the next two weeks I gained 2 lbs and lost another inch around my waist down to 40 inches. I am running for the State Legislature so my schedule is very demanding and occassionally I eat some home-baked goody so as not to offend a voter who has prepared something special for me.

Besides walking after each meal, I run one to two miles most days.   I have been doing research on health and nutrition for 20 years and have tested innumberable diets and weight loss products. This is the best program I have ever tested.

Several people have asked me why I wear the knapsack. Three of them are now using the nutrition part of the program and intend to order the FORMULA when it is available again.   I am preparing a campaign piece about the $10,000 a Week Swiss Weight Loss FORMULA. I will hand it out to everyone during the campaign.


Phil Ratte', next State Rep. 50A MN 1713 Innsbruck Parkway Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Dear Dr. Jon, I watch what I eat because of hypoglycemia. I only take one capsule a day and that's in the morning...even so, I've lost 5lbs. and I'm not even holding that close to the diet! I also take the digestive enzymes. There must be SOMETHING in the formula that causes the weight to go because up to this point I'd been unable to drop this extra weight (40lbs since I stopped smoking) no matter what I did!
Wan't trying to be lazy- thought you were overwhelmed with letters. I had understood that you wanted us on this two weeks before reporting. apparently I was one of the last to receive The Formula. That's ok- WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

I usually don't eat very much- but would still gain weight. I started to see some results in only a couple of days. After only 1 1/2 weeks am seeing very positive results- just this weekend I fit into a pair of shorts that I had not been able to get into all summer. (I also must admit that I had cheated three days- due to fast paced unexpected activities that came up.)

I usually see results slow-(if at all)-am so very THRILLED with the plan. This only encourages me to do better in sticking with the diet- These Kinds of Results....just think what would happen if I didn't cheat! My only concern - is not having The formula available in the future! Before The Formul- I was constantly tired- still am...waiting for energy to kick in. THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY. YOU (& THE FORMULA) ARE GREAT! Terri

I have never had the results I am having and if I were following the regimen to a "T", then I would see more results I am sure.....I am just thankful that Dr. Jon is as lenient as he is in letting us make some of our choices.....I am creating a lifesstyle and dont consider myself on a diet.....if I just "have to have" something, then I have that choice and I try to make that a free day.........

I am beginning to exercise in 5 minute increments......know that doesnt sound like a lot, but I want these knees to get used to it.......guess you'd say I'm trying to sneak up on them....

At any rate, I am pleased to be a part of this program and I have friends who are joining me already without the formula.....just the V & H, CLA and Whey Protein I know they are seeing results in what I am doing...

Let's just keep on keeping on and let Dr. Jon have the satisfaction of knowing that he has given people hope, incentive and help that had given up on ever being thin again..... Blessings.......Eloise

I have only been on the program for a few days but my appetite has decreased tremendously. I feel very tired around lunch time but do not know if it is from lack of food (energy) or that I am just naturally tired. I have fibromyalgia. I am going to keep going. Nothing is worse than the way I felt before.
I have lost only one lb but I have lost a total of 5 1/2 in off my bust, waist, hips. I am delighted with the inch loss. I feel and look slimmer through my face and neck. My mid-section is always the last to give up anything. I am following the diet about 80%. I have not exercised yet. I keep promising myself I will start. I am still craving carbos probably through long entrenched habits and stimulation (when I see and smell them) rather than true physical cravings. Well, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life- saving opportunity.   Yes, FAT KILLS! Sarah -
Started the first of sept with the formula i was 234 lbs i lost some and then none i gained i went into the rules and found out i was taking the formula 30 min befor eating and the ruled said 1 hr befor meals so sence then i have been losing i am down to 222 lbs my goal is to go down to 150 i believe i will get there Have A Blessed Day Di
was dieting and losing when I started Seem to have hit a stand still but I feel better than I have for months. Ginger
This is amazing. Harold needs to lost 75 pounds. He began the formula and diet two weeks ago. He has only lost a few pounds but what is delightful is that he actually seduced me last night!!!! I thought sex was just a fond memory. Margaret, 71, in Los Angeles
I have not been following the diet at all as I eat 2 meals a day outside of the house and it is not practical. I have been taking one pill a day and cut down a little on my carbohydrates and I have lost 5 pounds!!! Don't ask me, how, but I am happy. Sue Conrad
I really have so much more energy. PLUS my clothes are fitting so nicely and my shape is coming back. I didn't know I had a shape!! Stacy

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Raiza is the excitable type.   She is convinced this is a genuine miracle and that people will lose millions of pounds.   On the other paw, I am a world class skeptic.   I suspect that some of the "miracle" reports are the result of people desparately wanting it to work . . . sorta the placebo effect if you will.   I hope she is correct. If not . . . well . . . we tried, by God, we tried.
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