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Our These are excerpts from the foundation's newspaper,

You May Never Be Sick Again
, Fall edition, 1995.   While interesting, they do NOT represent acceptable scientific evidence that Sam's formula works as they think.   Healthy people notice nothing at all as one does not notice NOT being sick.

After taking Sam's formula for one month the adult acne on my back and face has improved dramatically.   This is a wonderful product.  
C. Dunkelberger 37

ALLERGIES I have had allergies for so long and no prescription drugs or anything else worked until Sam's formula which has helped a lot.
F. Smelley 80

I have had severe allergy problems for 10 years.   I have taken everything from over the counter to prescribed medications.   Nothing worked.   I was desperate when I discovered Sam's formula.   Since taking the product my life has been tolerable.   I was frequently in bed with headaches, dizziness, nausea, watering eyes, sneezing along with a depressed feeling.   Since Sam's formula my time in bed has diminished.

M. Hawkins 42

Since beginning Sam's formula my allergies have subsided.   Increased dosage fixed my bronchitis.   I feel more energy and CAN NOW LEAD A PRODUCTIVE LIFE.

B. Richards 50

ARTHRITIS For the first time in several years my wife can climb stairs unassisted.   Her arthritis symptoms have been dramatically reduced thanks to Sam's formula.
C. Smith 58

I have suffered rheumatoid arthritis since 1989.   I received no relief from traditional therapies, except a small assistance from the drug Methotrexate.   However, I worried about the liver damage associated with it.   I began Sam's formula five weeks ago.   I have noticed an improvement in all areas where I had much pain.
E. Spires 75

After three months on Sam's formula my arthritis is better and I feel more energy.
C. Goldstein 48

After 2 1/2 months on Sam's formula I am able to walk much better with less pain.
H. Ruel 57

I have had knee problems since I was 9.   The pain has been constant.   5 or 6 years ago I became diabetic.   My doctors couldnít offer much help and the side effects of the drugs were severe.   In march of this year I began Sam's formula.   I doubled the dose.   I am really better.   Even the bumps on my hands have lost their soreness.
C. Douglas 84

In 1992 my arthritis was so bad I was hospitalized for 5 days at a cost of $8,000.00.   I couldnít even get out of bed without help.   I have been on Sam's formula since 9-93.   Now I drive daily to visit my wife who is convalescing from a pacemaker implant.   My arthritis is not cured but the symptoms are dramatically less.
M. Sundberg 77

When I began Sam's formula seven months ago I was having a horrible time with arthritis in my right wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder and my back.   Sam's formula worked wonders, but there is still some pain from time to time.
J. Ivy 50

I had colon cancer surgery in 1992.   In October 1993 I was unable to get around because of arthritis pain.   Then I began taking Sam's formula.   Today I am even helping my husband make an addition to our home.   My arthritis pain has totally disappeared.   I tend my garden daily and once again enjoy life.
C. Satterfield 74

I have taken Sam's formula since 10-93.   Before then I had chronic problems with arthritis pain.   The pain was so bad I literally had to crawl to the bathroom at night on my hands and knees.   Within six weeks the condition improved.   Now, after 10 months, at least 95% of my arthritis pain has disappeared.   My energy level has doubled and I sleep better.
L. Duff 65

For the last three years I have needed a cane to get around.   I have had an arthritic right leg since 1945.   A few weeks ago I began Sam's formula.   I can walk now without my cane.   The pain in my hips and back is dramatically less.
H. Urtnowski 75

Prior to taking Sam's formula I had a very bad arthritis problem in my arms and fingers.   There was a great deal of pain.   Since I began Sam's formula several times each day the pain is gone.   I feel much better.
J. Curtis 65

I have arthritis.   Since I began Sam's formula I canít believe the new found energy I have.   The pain is less.   I have been taking it since 11-93.
B. Ludwig 63

I have been on Sam's formula for only three months.   In addition to no illness at all the chronic pain I have from a herniated disc and arthritis is less.
M. Gentry 60

I have suffered from arthritis for four years.   The pain was so bad I couldnít get around.   In fact, my right leg dragged as I tried to walk.   When I tried to walk I cried every step because the pain was so bad.   It was excruciating to sit on the toilet.   I have asked the Lord to take as I couldnít stand the suffering.   After one month on Sam's formula (I take 6 tablets daily) the pain has been dramatically reduced. I can walk without crying. The joints in my hands were badly swollen. Now one hand is almost normal and the other has gone down. Sam's formula seems to be a miracle.
B. Dixon 64

Since I started Sam's formula I am hardly aware I have arthritis.   We went to see Uncle Bud last night.   Normally I would be "Frozen" after sitting that long in one position.   Last night I was a little stiff when I first got out of the car but it was over by the time we were out of the parking lot.   What a difference a week makes.   Thank you.
D. Lass 52

Began Sam's formula in March.   First there seemed to be no change.   Suddenly after 21 days my pain in the knees began to ease.   I quit rolling and tossing in my bed.
C. Douglas 55

I am 60.   For many years I have suffered from arthritis.   In April it had gotten so bad I considered buying a wheel chair.   I told my husband that if we moved again it would have to be to a house with wide doors because it was only a matter of time before I became an invalid.   The only way I could get any sleep was to place ten pillows under my knees which were always swollen badly.   They were hot and inflamed all the time.   The only relief was from expensive prescription drugs which had awful side effects.   My husband had installed rails in the bathroom and on the front steps so I could navigate.   Every night I had to go to the bathroom three or four times.   I had not had a good nightís sleep in years.   In late April I came down with pneumonia.   My friend, Daisy Palmer, urged me to take a "miracle" pill called Sam's formula.   I was desperate and would try anything.   Within a week the pneumonia was almost gone.   After three weeks the pain began to disappear.   The swelling and inflammation in my joints was dramatically less.   After 2 1/2 months on Sam's formula (I take it 6-9 times daily) I can literally jump up, climb stairs unassisted, and sleep an entire night for the first time in years.   I do not suggest my arthritis is cured.   There is a modest amount of pain from time to time.   If I move or twist the wrong way I feel it.   Compared to the "Hell" I went through for many years this is of no consequence.   Once again life is truly worth living.   I optimistically look forward to sharing the joys of life with my family for years to come.   Sam's formula must surely be a gift from God.   I pray that Sam's formula will be available to all who suffer.
G. Newmons 60

Been taking Sam's formula two weeks.   My chronic back, neck and head pains have vanished.   The longest pain free time in years.
R. Kimberly 62

I have been on all kinds of medication for my arthritis in my neck area for years.   Nothing really helped.   After one month on Sam's formula I have improved tremendously.   Great stuff!   Hardly any pain.   I expect a complete cure.  
R. Mc Kee 73

BLOOD PRESSURE I have always had problems with my blood pressure.   Have taken Sam's formula for two months and it has returned to normal.
E. Steel 40

After taking Sam's formula for one month my B/P began dropping to a low point where my physician cut my antihypertensive medication by 1/2.
M. Bowen 69

I began Sam's formula after being diagnosed with cancer in October 1993.   After chemotherapy I had a severe reaction to one of my hypertension drugs.   None of the drugs helped my B/P until I began Sam's formula.   Now my B/P is more or less normal and stable.
L. Himmelstein 64

My B/P has always been high.   Had bypass surgery.   B/P now under control.   Have been able to discontinue part of the prescription drugs.   Feel great and I am much more active since Sam's formula.
N. Reubins 68

My chronic problems are congestive heart failure and high B/P.   Recently I was recovering from a siege when my daughter in Palm Beach Gardens asked me to try Sam's formula.   I slowly gained strength until I soon could return home to Ohio.   I had been taking multiple vitamins for year but stopped them all when I began Sam's formula.   I visited my doctor last week.   My B/P was 130/60 very different from the usual 150/90.   Thank you for Sam's formula.
L. Webb 84

I have been on Sam's formula 4 months.   My blood pressure is better and two warts on my hand have disappeared.
C. Campbell 70

For years I had high blood pressure.   Docs unable to regulate it with drugs.   Been on Sam's formula since 10-93.   Now B/P 125/80.   Had no new illness since beginning One Life whereas previously I had one or two colds each Winter.
L. Greenbaum 65

Prior to Sam's formula got up 5 times each night to void.   Now only once, occasionally twice.   Blood pressure has fallen a bit and hair thickening.
J. LoPiccolo 65

BLADDER I have suffered from continuous bladder infections for 4 years.   I have been on antibiotics, cranberry juice and other stuff from the health food store.   I tried everything, read everything.   I began Sam's formula two months ago.   After a few weeks I noticed my bladder was feeling sooooooooo goooooooooood.   I havenít had an infection since.   Occasionally I feel a twinge coming on and double or triple my dosage and it wipes it out.
D. Ratliff 33

I developed a spastic bladder ten years ago.   Over the years I have taken many prescription drugs for the condition.   I found that taking Sam's formula 6 times each day increased the relief from the spasms, and I have increased mental alertness.   I am so pleased with Sam's formula.   By the way, the Summer cold which was going around the office missed me entirely.
D. Whiteley 50

BRONCHITIS I believe Sam's formula has helped my chronic bronchitis.  
A. Sumpter 58

Chronic bronchitis cleared up after taking triple dose of Sam's formula for 2 days.
S. Rubin 44

I have chronic problems with pneumonia and bronchitis.   Since taking Sam's formula there has been no problem.   I sleep better and my energy level is higher.
J. Hale 50

CANCER My friend Fran was diagnosed with two cancers.   A lumpectomy was performed.   I have megadosed her with One Life.   Recent XRAYS showed a 90% reduction of her other tumor.
K. Richter 54

I have prostate cancer.   After two months on Sam's formula my PSA has fallen dramatically.   My doctor is amazed.  
D. Vogel 48

I have had surgery 15 times to remove malignant tumors from my bladder.   Began Sam's formula 4 months ago.   Checkup in August revealed only 1 benign tumor.   Last week's checkup revealed no cancer at all.   It's a miracle.
D. Peloquin 57

I feel that Sam's formula has influenced my breast cancer.   Since I have been taking it my blood tests have been like I am not on chemo.
D. Davenport 35

Iíve had fibroid tumors for several years.   In December we went to Europe.   I became severely debilitated and suffered blood loss.   Looking back in retrospect, the Sam's formula I took may have literally saved my life and I mean it.  
J. Edwards 45

Jack, 19, had terminal leukemia.   In October 1993 he began Sam's formula 9 times daily.   He claimed to feel much better and the bruises all over his body were going away.   He believed he had a chance.   In December he died from a heart attack.   His mother stated, "I wish Jack has discovered One Life a year earlier.   I believe the chemo killed him."

In July 1993 I began Sam's formula 12 times daily.   I have liver cancer and my doctor had suspended all treatment and gave me 30-60 days to live.   One year later I am still here.   It may be my imagination but I feel better than I did a year ago.   Considering modern medicine has me dead over a year ago all I can say is so far so good.   I believe I have a chance.
H. Johnson 42

I have lymphoma.   I believe Sam's formula has been responsible for an improvement in my energy.
S. Tepper 43

I have been on Sam's formula only 3 months.   It made a cancer or wart on my face disappear without leaving a trace.   It had worried me for several months.   God bless you and Sam's formula as I am so happy.
N. Schait 87

DIABETES I have taken Sam's formula for 1 1/2 months.   Seems to make control of my diabetes much easier.
J. Casey 72

With a diet change and Sam's formula I am off insulin after one month.
W. Melvin 63

I began Sam's formula in June 1994.   Iím amazed how my strength and energy have improved.   My husband, 87, is a 46 year diabetic on insulin.   I can see slow improvement in him.
M. Downer 82

In January I was diagnosed as diabetic.   I took insulin for several weeks then began Sam's formula.   Within a month I was off insulin completely as my sugar levels are stable.   I also noticed great improvement in energy levels.
K. Greenbaum 62

EMPHYSEMA I was diagnosed in 1992 with emphysema.   Began Sam's formula two months ago.   Symptoms have disappeared and I feel great.  
L Thomas 65

I have has Emphysema for 6 years.   After three months using Sam's formula my symptoms are much less.   My energy level is higher.
T. Brookings 60

ECZEMA No more crusted lesions after years of no help from doctors.
J. Munroe 66

ENERGY I had a dramatic increase in energy after surgery.
P. Blair 33

I have Epstein Barr (chronic fatigue syndrome).   I am in the prime of life and feel like an 80 year old.   At times I am unable to do simple things like going to the market.   Going to work is a struggle every day.   Three months ago I began Sam's formula.   Little by little my lost energy is returning and I can now function.   It's amazing that Sam's formula works where medical science has failed me.
L Kozell, 40

After only 3 weeks on Sam's formula I am losing that chronic tired feeling I have had for years.
R. Crocker 68

After taking just a few weeks my energy level and ambition have increased.
B. Wolfram 52

I have take Sam's formula for six months.   I must say I have more energy and pep.
F. Taylor 93

Before taking Sam's formula I was always tired.   Now, after taking it for two months,   I feel like going all the time.   I feel better than I have in years.
E. Warrne 75

I have noticed a dramatic increase in energy in only a few weeks on Sam's formula.   Also, I sleep much better.  
Manya Joyce 89 (Founder of the Sr. Olympics)

Since Sam's formula I have much more energy and need less sleep.  
E. Kamber 60

I am a teacher always catching bugs from the kids.   Since beginning Sam's formula I have been illness free and feel more energy.
D. Bosley 65

ERECTIONS After six weeks on Sam's formula I am getting daily erections for the first time in years.
D. Ginsburg 80.

The first month I took Sam's formula I began to experience nocturnal erections frequently.   I slept better as frequency of urination decreased.
G. Samuels 81

GLAUCOMA On May 1, 1994 I began Sam's formula.   My chronic aches and pains began to go away.   On May 27th I was diagnosed with glaucoma and cataracts.   Surgery was scheduled to correct the problems.   I increased the dose of Sam's formula.   I returned to the doctor to check the pressure in my eyes.   He said the glaucoma was totally gone.   I believe Sam's formula was responsible.  
V. Lambert 55

HEADACHES I have suffered for many years with vascular headaches.   I have been on Sam's formula for three months.   The headaches are far less severe.
G. Illig 51

Been on Sam's formula since October.   We both feel more energy and my husband has not had one sinus headache since about 4 weeks after he started.   iM. Tuttle 54
I was having daily headaches until I began Sam's formula.   Now they have totally gone.   I feel so much better.
C. Young 50

Sam's formula has immediately caused my chronic sinus headaches to disappear.
B. Branough 42

Two months on Sam's formula and my migraines are almost gone for the first time in 25 years.   No more expensive drugs which never worked anyway.  
L. Giambrone 60

I have had migraines during menses for the last 8 years.   Now when I feel one coming on I take 2 additional Sam's formula tablets and the headache does not materialize.
K. Hunter 41

It is great to be sleeping more soundly and waking up "Ready to Go!", and, best of all, no more chronic headaches or backaches.   Good-bye "Over the Counter" pain pills.
R. Kimberly 62

HEPATITIS After 4 months on Sam's formula I believe it has helped my hepatitis.  
S. Ajon 50

Sam's formula has helped mend myself from hepatitis, bronchitis, and anemia.
D. Koebernick 55

HERPES Suffered from Herpes Simplex for the past 2 years.   This year came down with a bad bout.   Started Sam's formula in April.   Dropped all drugs and doubled dose.   Within 2 weeks the canker sore in the roof of my mouth for 6 weeks was completely healed.   Has not helped my hives yet.  
B. Cleveland 57

I have had herpes for 4 years.   I am not cured but Sam's formula has surely helped a lot.  
S. Sandlien 36

INFECTIONS I have had chronic urinary infections for many years.   Drugs just didnít seem to help much.   After two months on Sam's formula the infection is gone.
T. Martin 58

I began Sam's formula last October.   I had a chronic E-Coli urinary infection which the Docs couldnít cure.   After nine months the problem is totally cured.   Stopped Bactrim a few months ago.   Sam's formula helped save my life.
L. White 51

M.S. My M.S. has confined me to a wheelchair for years.   After a month on Sam's formula (6-9 times each day) I have reduced muscle relaxant drugs by 90%.   I have felt more energy and have a far more positive outlook.   Sam's formula is truly a miracle.  
L. Tucker 57

PETS My Shar-Pei is prone to skin disease.   Every Spring his hair falls out and sores develop on his back.   This Spring I gave him 1/3 of a Sam's formula tablet 3 times each day.   You should see his coat.   It is beautiful.   Sam's formula has made our entire family healthy.
M. Saari 59

My three 50 lb dogs suffered from skin infections until I began giving them Sam's formula.   The infections are cured and their coats are very shiny.  
R. Stephenson 53

PMS Had chronic problems with PMS.   The problems have definitely decreased since taking Sam's formula.
K. Bryant 40

During menses everything seemed to hurt.   After two months on Sam's formula I feel much better.
G. Loving 35

Whoopee!   Good-by PMS, hello fun and games.   Sam's formula is awesome.
S. Owens 38

SLEEP Since Sam's formula I sleep much better.   I have been around sickness but have remained free from it all.
L. Ahonen 61

I have been taking Sam's formula for 7 months.   Before then I was always tired and sluggish and not sleeping well getting 3-4 hrs.   Since taking Sam's formula (5 tablets/day plus 1 before bedtime) I get between 6-7 hrs of sleep now and feel great.
N. Leibowitz 65

When I began Sam's formula I had a sore throat and infected ears. Within a few days all symptoms went away. I tried taking one extra tablet at bedtime. I no longer awaken sluggish and feel much better in the morning. J. Vavaro 55   I have been on Sam's formula for 3 weeks.   I no longer need sleeping pills as the pain in my legs is less.
G. Rutter 47

The first time I took Sam's formula I slept almost eleven hours, very unusual.   Normally my prostate problem forces me to awaken several times each night to void.   Now using Sam's formula I sleep uninterrupted for 9-10 hours.  
J. Brown 73

SPIDER VEINS After taking Sam's formula my spider veins disappeared.   Had severe PMS for 18 years and now no problem.  
C. Reyes 58

WARTS Within 3 days of taking Sam's formula my wart started shrinking.   The Doc burned it off but it kept coming back.   This has gone on for 2 years, then you came along.   Thanks.  
D. Mc Master 29
Several warts have vanished after two months on Sam's formula.   My energy level had definitely increased.
C. Hilyard 33

For the last two years I have had small moles/warts appearing between my breasts and waistline.   They were starting to bother me around the bra area.   Began Sam's formula 2 1/ 2 months ago and they are starting to go away.   I am so happy.
C. Stein 55

WELLNESS First winter in memory no sickness in our family.  
M. Miller 48

Last month we went to Ireland with a group of 35 people.   Everyone came down with some virus except me.   Normally I caught whatever came along.   What a wonderful product is Sam's formula.  
A OíCallaghan 58

Iíve been taking Sam's formula since 11-93.   It has proved to be a great product.   I am around children all day at school (K-12th grade).   I am vulnerable to colds and flu constantly.   This year is different.   Only once I felt slight drainage and doubled up on Sam's formula and all was well.
S. Jarriel 43

What a difference Sam's formula has made in my life.   This past Winter was the first ever with no cold or flu even though I have been in facilities where they were rampant.   I have been taking vitamins for 30 years.   Sam's formula works.
L. Evans 54

I am a missionary in Haiti   . My colleagues frequently get sick.   Since taking Sam's formula I have been immune.  
B. Sabinis-Chaffee 57

Began Sam's formula before Christmas.   Bathroom habits greatly improved.   A few weeks ago felt the chills and disoriented.   Sam's formula cancelled the bug within 48 hours.  
A. Du Val 75

I have taken Sam's formula for 6 months.   This is my first XMAS without a cold.   I work in the Post Office and all in my section has been sick but me.
C. Nichols 29

Sam's formula has done wonders for me.   I am recovering from major surgery very well.   I give Sam's formula all the credit.   Six month with no illness is a record for me.   Sam's formula has made me a "reconstructed teenager"  
. B. Mc Donald 75

After six months on Sam's formula I must say I have never felt better.   My blood pressure now 130/68 and Cholesterol down 25 points.  
S. McDowell 63