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The Carousel

Our life is so brief, just a moment it seems.
As a day passes by, and with it some dreams

of the wonderful things that we plan to do
which somehow got lost for the days are too few.

From out of the blue a carousel comes by,
beckoning always for our ride in the sky.

To soar like an eagle, to live like a king,
you're flying so high, what a wonderful thing.

You reach out to grasp the magical rings,
but draw back to consider what perils they bring.

As you think and ponder away it does fly,
to vanish forever in the clear night sky.

Twas only a dream you know it quite well,
for now when you're old on the past you do dwell.

You think of the months and the years gone by,
when you sat back and watched the carousel pass you by,

for you lacked the courage to rise up and say,
"By God, I'll do it! The chips fall where they may."

Life went so fast now you're nearing the end
with only the thoughts of what might have been.


In Quest of the Brass Ring

My life has been spent in a quest for more gold.
A measure of success or so I was told.

A driving desire brought fortune and fame.
There was not a doubt I was winning the game.

For there was no price which I would not pay,
to rise to the top so others would say,

'What a great guy for he has it all,
a fortune, a mansion does he ever stand tall.'

From the top of the hill oh how the sun shone,
but something was missing for I was so alone.

A room full of toys, no fun I must say,
when there is no one, with whom I can play.

No one to share my joy or my sorrow,
to touch or to hold today and tomorrow.

My wish is so simple, I ask nothing more,
than one mate forever to love and adore.

One day I'll find her from out of the blue.
Miracles just happen, fairy tales can come true.



Alone with my thoughts there's only my cat
to tell of my dreams my hopes, this and that.

To a far away land came this feline and I.
The stars one can touch in the clear night sky.

From my window I see four dolphins afar,
having great fun with friends in what's known as , "El Mar ".

We have all the "things" there's nothing to fix.
My cat's quite content with her "Meow Mix".

I should be so happy in my castle, my home.
So why am I crying? Is the answer "alone"?

No one to guide me should I lose my way.
No one to touch me to hold me, to say,

"Come to me my friend our dreams we will share,
alone nevermore, my hand's always there."

What a wonderful thought, oh how I do yearn,
to love someone dearly, and be loved in return.


Written by cat supporter Jean Wood
Requiem for Molly

She left me last night, away she did go
to Cat Heaven I'm sure, where all good cats go.

She was the cat and that was that!
In evenings on my lap she sat.

No striking charm or winning way...
just warm and present every day.

She licked and preened and slept and ate
and sometimes jumped onto my plate.

She owned the world and all she saw...
a ruler with a prickly paw.

Why such an independent soul
had need of me, I'll never know!

But she & I worked out a trade...
I'd pat / she'd purr...we had it made.

That cat and I, we understood
that love is not just "being good"

It's tolerating other's flaws
and kissing hurts, and holding paws.

It's being real, and making deals..
forgiving all the birds one kills

and knowing when "push comes to shove"
what you have is simply love.


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