Our Planet is Dieing

There are none so blind as those who will not see.
My great Grandfather has an opossum friend named Pogo....who paraphrased a WW2 message,

"We have met the enemy, and they are US!

When was the last time you have seen a crystal clear day?

You humans play a lot of "lip service" to giving a damm about your progeny. An old saying goes,
"By your deeds ye shall be known."

An objective observer would conclude
that you couldn't care less about the quality of life
your descendants will have.

In your obsession with profits (and going fast) you are deliberately destroying your habitat.......polluting your air with hydrocarbon emissions...... and your oceans with oil.

Sooner or later you will have no choice!

It took nature millions of years to produce the oil you use. In less than 100 years you have depleted perhaps 50% or more of the reserves.

Some scientists suggest that the supply will be essentially exhausted within 50-100 years. If the earth is still habitable you will be forced to seek clean alternatives.

Some Katt Logic

Considering that, in time, you will have no choice, why not get your lazy, greedy @$$'s in gear now????

The technology for an inexhaustable supply of energy is available today. Scientists tell us that the Sun is good for a few billion years more! Solar powered cars are being developed. However, the demand is small due to your desire to go from 0 to 90 in microseconds! Further, the current cost will be more than gas powered cars.

If the resolve was there a solar powered car could be produced for actually less than current cars! The implications would be catastrophic to the largest, most powerful businesses extant.....the Oil Industry.

Is it surprising that they will surpress the development of solar powered cars? No more surprising than cigarette manufacturers claiming, for years, that their product did no harm........or the Medical Establishment claiming that natural remedies are worthless!

Just imagine.......a world of mostly solar powered cars. For the first time in 50 years one would actually delight living in crystal clear air......a car which would last for 20-30 years because electric motors have only one moving part, the armature. The "brushes" can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

The Katt Kar

1. The roof, hood and trunk deck would be covered with solar cells which have an unlimited lifespan.

2. When one is braking, an alternator would kick in, producing drag. This would utilize the energy one uses to stop to recharge the batteries. Of course there would also be disc brakes so one could stop quickly. This would be expecially valuable when one has a long downhill ride where one currently one must ride the brakes. Part of the energy one used to climb the hill would be returned!

3. One would plug the car into an AC outlet at night. One the road a new industry would develop providing AC outlets which one could enable with cash or credit cards.

4. The "Katt Kar" would be equipped with a small 5hp diesel motor (which could be easily started by hand). This would insure that one would not be stuck without power. OK, so it would take the little motor (which runs about 12 hrs on one gallon of fuel) an hour or two to recharge your batteries.

5. There would be a TAX, which would increase yearly, on gas powered cars. Sure.....the decadent, bourgeoise rich (like my campaign manager, J.J.) would continue to buy them.

The revenue would be used to subsidize your purchase of a solar powered vehicle..... sorta like robbing polluters to help the ecologically sensitive....heh, heh.

This will NEVER happen

unless there is a groundswell of concerned citizens who do indeed give a damm about about the quality of life of future generations.

Should you ignore this warning.....well.....then.....someday I fear that cockroaches will once again rule the world.

This would be so sad as we cats really fancy

being the rulers!

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