The softer side of our next President

Beyond the Top of the Hill

If only I could clearly see
over the crest of the hill.
Perhaps I'd see a lovely fawn
beside a pond so still

or one little stream so bright and clear
which glistens in the morning sun.
Oh how I wish that I could see
all this and far beyond.

Perhaps I'll see a Mother bear
with cubs all having fun.
Oh how I wish that I could see
all this and far beyond.

What a delight to really see
foxes and hares on the run.
Oh why, oh why, can I not see
all this and far beyond?

For many years I've climbed those hills
just to see the other side.
Only to find another hill
with something else to hide.

One day I had a vision
that beauty can be found
in everything, no matter where
so stop, and look around.

The roses in the garden
which blossom year by year.
A gentle sweet reminder
of one you hold so dear.

A seed you planted years ago
when you were very small
has grown into a lovely tree
with shade for one and all.

Listen to the lark in song
or watch the kittens play.
Perhaps you'll see a rainbow
when the clouds have gone away.

A simple act of kindness
for a stranger or a friend
and you will find much beauty
if you'll only look within.

I searched the world both far and wide
in meadows, seas and skies.
The greatest beauty I have found
was the love in my Daughter's eyes.

Perhaps you'll see the other side
delighting as you roam.
God's hands are everywhere my friend
you'll find them right at home.

Now I can see beyond the hill
though it's only in my mind.
Such wonderful things you'll never see,
for twenty years I've been blind.


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