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Cats everywhere
Sarah KatchamouskieGramalkyn KatchamouskieSonja Katchamouskie

The Cat is taking over.

"His Furriness" awaits you.
Only I can save the world from all the weird cats
who think only they they can save it!
Gramalkyn Katchamouskie

He is sneaky, unscrupulous, self-centered,
and has frequent nocturnal affairs with kittens.
He has never, ever done an act of contrition!
Is this Cat qualified to be President or what???
Wait a few seconds for some Cat wit and wisdom to mysteriously appear.
(Plagerisim suspected)
You can download Oh Rats, free software which I wrote. It
solves a chronic problem. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
Only modesty prevents me from telling you
It is totally awesome.
There is also a nifty Biorhythym program for free.
Who sez cats can't write software?????
Being a equal OpportuniCat, I even welcome the lower life forms
like dogs, bridge addicts, Lawyers and Politicians!

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