The formula is available.

There is a "Catch"!   If you order the formula promise to send us an email with "SAM" in the Subject line.   You will be placed on a separate list.   Occasionally we will poll those taking the formula.   Also, please send us an email if you notice any benefits or problems.

Originally we intended to make it your option whether to pay $3.00 more to help with the cost of the product.   We have decided against that.   Your cost will be only the $5.00 shipping and handling.   After the first bottle the price is only about $8.00.   If you honestly can not afford the extra money, we will insure that you continue to get it free.   This is the honour system.

Sam's exact formula is available from One Life USA.   The product you receive will carry the label, "One Life".   Interesting, as the last words spoken by the scientist who invented the formula were, "Remember, you have only one life.".

Many people, with cancer, arthritis, diabetes and many other problems have asked if Sam's formula will help.   Please read the letters from real people at

Some are hard to believe.   In any case, they do NOT represent acceptable scientific evidence.

We learned that the non profit charitable trust which began a five year study of Sam's formula in 1993 funded a double blind study (with mice) supervised by James X. Hartmann, Ph.D. at Florida Atlantic University.   The results were inconclusive.   One may read the 1994 article by Dr. Hartmann at

Order with a credit card at toll free 888-227-1937 Ext. 11, Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM E.S.T. or Saturday 10AM-3PM E.S.T.   You will be asked for an extension number by the operator.   Just give then ext. 11 and they will know you want the free bottle.   They ship overseas at an additional fee of $2.00.   USA/Canada & Mexico are only the $5.00 S/H.

One may order by mail with a check or money order for $5.00 ($7.00 for overseas except Canada & Mexico).   Send to:

One Life Dept. #11 P.O. Box 19427 W. Palm Beach, FL 33416

If you can not afford the $5.00 to cover shipping and handling we will pay for it.   This is on the honour system.   Just write a letter, to the above address, stating, "On my hoinor I can not afford the $5.00.   Be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip.

If you order remember to send an email to us with "SAM" as the Subject.

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