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Filters don't help. They add to the danger!

  • It took months of sleuthing for immunologist John L. Pauly, Ph.D., to identify the glowing, snakelike substance he saw through his microscope while inspecting lung tissue from a lung cancer patient who smoked. And what did the mystery substance turn out to be? A fiber composed of cellulose acetate the material used to make cigarette filters. The fiber glowed under the microscope because it was coated with tobacco tar, which contains more than 3,500 different chemicals, at least 40 of which are known to cause cancer.
  • Dr. Pauly and his colleagues followed up this find with studies testing 12 popular brands of cigarettes manufactured by six U.S. tobacco companies. The studies revealed that fibers are indeed released from cigarette filters and subsequently can be inhaled to lodge indefinitely in smokers' lung tissue.
  • According to Pauly, the fibers remain embedded there because cellulose acetate doesn't break down easily and because smokers have a difficult time clearing foreign substances from their lungs.

    Once embedded, the filter bits provide a vehicle for delivering a concentrated dose of tobacco tar directly to lung tissue. The bottom line? The very substance created in response to the call for a "safer" cigarette actually has the potential to enhance cancer risk. Filters merely create a false sense of security; they are not the answer for smokers who wish to decrease their cancer risk. Quitting the cigarette habit remains the only choice.

  • Lung cancer death rates among women smokers soared sixfold from the 1960s to the 1980s, a new study found. Such deaths increased from 26 per 100,000 to 155 per 100,000, said one of the researchers, Dr. Michael J. Thun of the American Cancer Society.
  • Since 1960 use of filtered cigarettes has increased dramatically which tends to verify the above study.

Smokers can quit with the clock

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