Hello there. I'm Jon

        The Carousel

Time goes oh so fast,
        just a moment it seems.
As a day passes by,
        and with it some dreams

of so many things
        that you planned to do
which somehow got lost
        for the days were too few.

From out of the blue
        a carousel comes by,
beckoning always
        for your ride in the sky.

To soar like an eagle,
        to live like a king,
you're flying so high,
        what a wonderful thing.

You reach out to grasp
        the magical rings,
but draw back to consider
        what perils they bring.

As you sit and ponder
        away it does fly,
to vanish forever
        in the clear night sky.

Twas only a dream
        you know it quite well,
now you're growing older
        on the past you do dwell.

You think of the months
        and the years gone by,
when you sat back and watched
        the carousel pass you by,

for you lacked the courage
        to rise up and say,
"By God, I'll do it!
        The chips fall where they may."

And now you are old,
        you're nearing the end
left only with thoughts
        of what might have been.

Are you bright, slender, creative,
and have a great sense of humor while approaching each day. with,
"Yippee, today is the first day of the rest of my life.
What can I do to make a positive influence on someone's life?"

You believe that fairy tales can come true.

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