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If you get sick it may help.
Note: Dr. Jon, the founder of this site, was the guest, for 2 1/2 hours, on the nationally syndicated Mysteries of the Mind radio show on 11-19.   Millions heard this fascinating physician, scientist, humorist and curmudgeon..
If you missed it, you are in for a treat.
Listen to Dr. Jon, click here
Dr. Jon comes on 30 minutes after the start.
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Gramalkyn for President!
Kittens everywhere
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If you don't like my opinion of you, you can always improve.       Despite their appearance, humans posses some intelligence and can be trained!
Gramalkyn Katchamouskie is devastated that he didn't win the presidency in 2000.   He demanded a recount for ballots signed with paw prints were thrown out!   They ignored him.   Undaunted, he will again seek the Presidency in 2004.   This time he intends to win . . . by fair means or foul!   If his warped sense of humor doesn't bring a smile to your face, check your pulse to see if you are alive.   If you love/hate cats, don't miss the "Meowing Miscreant"!

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