1. We spend over two billion dollars yearly on the "War on Drugs"....a war we are obviously losing......and will lose if status quo remains. This is a dangerous situation....and.....we cats, when faced with peril, tend to think with our feet!

2. Economics 101 dictates: if there is a demand there will ALWAYS be a supply.....at a price.

3. Perhaps up to one trillion dollars goes offshore (in cash) to the drug lords. These funds finance God knows what kind of knavery around the world.

4. Over 55% of the crime in America is DRUG RELATED.


1. An enormous financial drain on our economy would be abruptly stopped. The multi-billion dollar pipeline to Columbia and the East would be closed.

2. The over one trillion dollars saved would circulate in our economy thereby enhancing our lifestyle.

3. Crime would drop dramatically......our streets would become much safer as there is little evidence of people committing crimes to get money to buy alcohol or cigarettes as they are cheap....as would be drugs.

4. DRUG USE WOULD DECREASE! A radical idea? Not at all. Kids are lured into drugs by pushers and dealers who have a profit motive. Without any profit motive there would be no reason to lure anyone.

5. We would save a fortune on enforcement....which has failed anyway. This enormous saving could be allocated to education and rehibilitation.

6. Drug related deaths would DECREASE due to the quality being controlled by the government.

7. The drug lords who are, in a defacto manner, murdering our people would be unable to bribe and corrupt officials and, in some cases, entire governments!

Survey your friends......"If drugs were legal tomorrow, would you begin to use them.".......of course not.

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