We are puzzled

Dr. Clark first published, "The Cure for all Cancer" which sold very well.   She claimed that a simple parasite cleanse using three natural ingredients would stop all cancer in two weeks!   She claimed that all cancer was caused by parasites!

Then she wrote, "The Cure for All Disease".   In both books she claimed that one could accurately diagnose anything using her "synchrometer" which is nothing more than a simple audio oscillator.   Several years ago she opened a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.   One of my colleagues visited the clinic.   It was a sad sight as there were cancer victims waiting (at times for days) in the hot sun to see Dr. Clark.   He did hear a few success stories from patients.   Of course, the failures had been buried!

He enrolled as a patient.   He told Dr. Clark he had lung cancer.   She hooked him up to her "Synchrometer".   Within a few minutes she CONFIRMED the diagnosis.   For a few thousand she would cure my colleague...... who never had any cancer!

Her clinic was closed down by the Mexican authorities.   She returned to the United States and was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.   As this is written she is free on bond and her case is pending.

After my colleagues experience it was tempting to write her off as a fraud.   Her data is psudo science.   Psudo science is when one begins with a conclusion and tries to find data to support it.   Real science begins with a hypothesis and searches for data which will either confirm or reject it using "Doublind" studies.

Dr. Clark has some very good ideas on parasite cleansing, removing mercury fillings from teeth and some other things.   We don't know if she is a serious investigator or an brilliant opportunist.   We do hope she stays out of the slammer.

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