Oh Rats! You won't leave home without it!

Written by Gramalkyn Katchamouskie, your next President

My criteria was too produce software that even the lower lifeforms
like salamanders, dogs and conservatives could understand!

I do not write software to be pretty, only to work very well.

How many times have you said, "Oh Rats! What was that guy's name?".
  1. Six months ago you spoke with George, in Phoenix, about some advertising. You also spoke of Tennis.
  2. You made some notes on a scrap of paper. It is well documented that scraps of paper, when left alone, frequently disappear forever. Recent scientific study reveals that those mysterious Black Holes in outer space are, in fact, zillions of out scraps of paper huddled together!
  3. OH RATS takes advantage of our ability to recall some unique portion of a past conversation. You may not remember George's name or phone number, but you will remember that you spoke of ADVERTISING, TENNIS or something. OH RATS transforms our imperfect memory into a valuable asset.
  4. Instead of using the elusive scrap of paper you did the intelligient thing and, clicked RATS on your desktop. At the prompt you typed ADD.
  5. Then you typed in the following (case doesn't matter): George Jones 602-111-1111 ADVERTISING TENNIS PHOENIX and hit ENTER.
  6. The vital point is to include something UNIQUE to the conversation. Six months later you want to contact that guy in PHOENIX who does ADVERTISING. RATS to the rescue. Click the RATS icon on your desktop then type PHOENIX and, the data appears in a flash. ADVER, OENI or TENNIS would have done the job. In fact, RATS will retrieve every record with whatever sequence you typed.
  7. While speaking to George you learn that his phone number has changed. Not a problem. Click RATS and edit the record in a flash.
  8. RATS does away with the burdomsome Rolledex cards forever. It uses NO memory except when it is working for you. Every time one adds a record RATS allows one to do an immediate backup to the drive of your choice. Deleting records is a snap. RATS placess a date stamp on each record so you know when it was last updated.
  9. All of the magic is done by one file (G.EXE) which is usually placed in the Windows directory. The data file is NOTES1.RAT which resides in the \RATS sub directory of drive C: It will make the sub directory automatically for you. It does not matter what case one uses. Everything is changed to upper case.
  10. One can use RATS directly from DOS. To begin using RATS type G and a \RATS subdirectory will be made. Type ADD and begin entering your notes.
  11. RATS will remind you of future events. When adding a record for the future preface it with **** (or whatever odd character(s) you want). '**** Joan's birthday on June 4th' and '**** Call Mr. Fox at 333-4444 on May 12th about INSURANCE' Both pop up when you search for ****. Delete them when no longer needed.

    RATS even runs on an old PC with 128k of memory. Cats write tight code!

    Download to your desktop.   An icon will be created.
    Click here to download Oh Rats now (G.EXE). Only 60k and takes only a few seconds."

    IMPORTANT:   Once you have created the shortcut, right click on it and click "Properties", then click "Program" and click "Close on exit" then click "Apply".   Now click Screen and click "Window" under Usage, the click Apply.   When you click the icon it works and is self explanatory.   When you exit all vanishes.

    Happy ratting.

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