Cancer can be cured

The following was taken from a newspaper published by The Fason Foundation in 1993, a non profit, 501(c)(3), charitable trust.

"It is even money she will be dead in 6 months!", Dr. Ames

  He scribbled it on a napkin and then vanished.   Thirty five years later I still take old Samís magic formula three times each day.   I havenít even had a headache.   The effect is not the same for all people.   Thousands have reported more energy and other apparent benefits.   The truth is I have felt nothing at all except freedom from all sickness.
  • In 1978 I married Jana.   In 1980 we bought one of the old Palm Beach mansions built by the Dodge family in 1924 (115 Via la Selva).   What a fantastic life we had.   Lots of love, tons of money, and brilliant youngsters as artists in residence.   Our blissful life came to an abrupt end in 1983.   After an exam and biopsy at The M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, Dr. Ames spoke in a monotone.

    "I have seen many women in Janaís condition.
    Less than 5% survive 2 years."

    • George Blumenschein, M.D. is one of the premier breast cancer physicians in the world.   After reviewing the data he said,   Jana must go on chemo therapy immediately.   Any delay could be fatal.   He stated that it had metastasized and was spreading rapidly.     In 90 days a modified radical mastectomy would be performed.   Even with the best doctors the odds were 20 to 1 she would be dead in two years.   A malignant melanoma was removed from her leg 6 months earlier.
    •   Jana had always referred to Samís formula as "Your silly magic pills".   When we returned to Palm Beach she asked, "Do you think Samís formula will help?".   I told her I had no idea for Sam never mentioned cancer, although he did say he had seen it work wonders with some catastrophic diseases.   Her attitude was, "What do I have to lose?"   . She began taking Sam's formula 9-12 times each day.   After 3 months of chemotherapy Jana returned for the surgery.  
    • Dr. Blumenschein was astonished.   The breast looked normal.   The edema had disappeared.   The 1" lump, that showed clearly on the X-Ray taken at M.D. Anderson 90 days earlier, had totally disappeared.   I have never seen chemo therapy work this well so fast., he exclaimed. Dr. Ames performed the mastectomy.   The pathologistís report noted, "Only microscopic evidence in breast tissue.   Remarkable response to treatment!.
    • What really accounts for Janaís dramatic success?   Was it the finest physicians, Janaís indominatible courage, Samís formula, or Divine intervention?   In June of 1993 we were having breakfast.   Jana said, "Every day I awaken with the knowledge that I should have been dead 8 years ago.   God spared my life for a reason.   Last night I had a dream.   The Lord told me what must be done.   We must share Sam's formula with everyone.   We can use the charitable trust we founded in 1981 to conduct an extensive study".   "I suppose God told you to give the formula away free.", I observed.   "Sure, why not?", Jana replied. "I've never seen a hearse with luggage racks.   Who cares if we die with 100 million or 300 million dollars?".   Had you prophesied that I would sell my chain of computer stores, devote all my time to an altruistic pursuit and ante up millions, which I would never see again, I would have said you were a lunatic needing psychiatric help.   But then, how could I refuse the prettiest girl on earth?


      They quickly arranged for a modern laboratory to produce Sam's formula in one easy to swallow tablet.   They named it One Life.   In July, 1993, The West Palm Beach Post Times ran a feature story headlined,

      Millionaire seeks 5,000 volunteers for vitamin study A new window will open. Just close it after viewing.

      The quota for 5,000 was quickly filled.   Soon they began to receive "miracle" reports. Word spread rapidly.   Their foundation was inundated with people pleading to be allowed to participate.   A few months later over 30,000 people were taking their formula daily.   It was free.   The Foundation wouldn't even accept donations.   They published a free newspaper which contained helath advice as well as testimonials from real people.

      After almost one year the results were astonishing.   The incidence of new illness was reduced by 92%.   The odds against this are billions to one in a randomly selected group.  Does it really cure cancer, arthritis and many other catastrophic diseases?   While their foundation received hundreds of letter claiming it did, they remained skeptical.   Testimonials do NOT constitute acceptable evidence.   Who knows?   Many said that Sam's formula actually saved them a lot of money as they found that they no longer needed all the expensive things they were taking.

      The F.D.A. intervened

      Their five year study was cut short.   Stewart was charged with a criminal offense and faced 5-15 years in prison.   Furthermore there was an unsuccessful assination attempt on record with The Lake Worth, FL police department.   Stewart moved out of the country to Mexico.   We have the foundation's data and will continue the study.   The formula will be free.   One will have to pay $5.00 for the shipping and handling costs.   If one honestly can not afford that modest sum, we will pay it.

      I have urged all my patients to take this antioxidant formula, in a base of Echinacea.   We seek volunteers..   It is FREE.   There is a "Catch".   One must subscribe to our free newsletter to participate.   If this sounds "fishy" to you, click the "I'm skeptical" link on the menu.   When we made this offer in January, we anticipated 500-1,000 would accept.   As this is written (4-13-00) we have received over 14,000 requests to participate.   At some point we will be obliged to set a limit.   If you want to be sure to have the option, best Click here to Subscribe to our free newsletter now.

      The people who provide Sam's formula have reinvented MLM.   There is nothing to buy, no selling, no problems.   One need only order their free bottle of the formula and they will send all the information on an extraordinary opportunity.

      Sam's formula.   Amount Qty. one cap. Daily dose is three.
      Vitamin A (acetate) 2500 IU
      Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 300 mg
      Vitamin E (dl-tocopheryl acetate) 15 IU
      Bioflavonoids (citrus) 50 mg
      Zinc (amino acid chelate) 5 mg
      Selenium (amino acid chelate) 25 mcg
      Copper (citrate) 500 mcg
      Manganese (citrate) 500 mcg
      Chromium (nicotinate) 25 mcg
      Molybdenum (citrate) 12.5 mcg
      Boron (citrate) 25 mcg
      Vanadium (citrate) 12.5 mcg
      Silicon (citrate) 5 mcg
      A proprietary blend of
      Echinacea ang/pal/purp root & herb blend
      Odorless garlic
      25 mg

      Remember, Sam claimed it was not "How much" but the synergistic blend of ingredients which produced the results.   It was his belief that too much, or too little, would ruin the effectiveness much the same as with your favorite recipe.

      More data on Sam's formula

      A double blind study on the formula

      Letters from people who participated in the 1993-1995 study.

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